Review from £1200​

Evaluation of current customer service levels and business goals.

Relative market research to identify gaps and opportunities.

Detailed feedback on all findings and next steps to enhance the customer experience.

Initial meeting focussing on your needs.

Talking through what is currently in place, reviewing goals and the business vision. 

We will discuss services offered in more detail, aligning our goals.

A day(s) spent observing various relative parts of business looking at what is currently in place, how teams are working and how the customer service is being delivered.

Social media reviewed if applicable.

Potential for announced and unannounced observations or mystery shop experience. 

Reflection on the observation days.

Feedback given on what went well, any challenges, but crucially what opportunities have been identified.

Brainstorm from £2000​

A blend of minds session to support the creation of bespoke steps to success guide.

A plan designed to map out the strategy and emotive customer experience.

Resulting in stronger customer loyalty, elevated revenue and increased profit.

A facilitated engagement session, focussing on your vision, mission and purpose.

Prioritising next steps in mapping out the customer journey.

Creation of steps to success for your company.

A unique guide designed to map out the strategy to increase the customer experience and loyalty leading to increased profit.

We create steps to success to ensure sustainable success that can evolve and adapt to change. It is also a template for engaging future customers.

Implementation from £1800​

Supporting the implementation of steps to success with your teams.

Seamless partnership geared towards customer service enhancement and resultant revenue.

A bespoke programme with teams and leaders, designed to your business’s launch of the steps to success. 

Training days or individual group sessions.

Opportunities to link additional resources dependent on training needs.

Future Consultation

Future long-term plan to review the working programme.

Fully adaptable to evolve with change in sector, business, customer where needed.

Everything we do is geared towards your business needs & those of your customers. We can do as much or as little as you need.

Initial interest is good, first-time customers are great, and repeat customers are excellent!
That's what we want!

We work with small, medium and large businesses across Worcestershire, the Midlands and the South-West on enhancing their customer services practice.